We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to revolutionize your communication strategy and drive business growth. At Grand Communication Networks, we specialize in incorporating voice communication into your applications and solutions in a way that is trackable, automated, and linked to comprehensive reporting.

Telephony Integration Solutions

Our telephony integration solutions enable you to seamlessly incorporate voice communication into your applications and solutions. From call tracking and automated responses to transcription services and actionable insights derived from call transcriptions, we help you leverage telephony data to enhance your campaigns and drive business growth.

Complex Calling Logic

We have the expertise to assist in integrating complex calling logic, including the creation of call center solutions with hunting and distribution logic. Whether you’re looking to streamline call routing or optimize call handling processes, we provide customized solutions tailored to your unique needs

Integration with Calling Routing Platforms

We have extensive knowledge of integrating into calling routing platforms such as Freeswitch, Cisco, 3CX, and Asterisk. Our expertise ensures seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, allowing you to leverage the full capabilities of your telephony system.

Integration with Various Providers

We have the ability to integrate into various voice service providers, including Twilio, Plivo, and other smaller providers. Whether you need assistance in getting existing applications working or setting up custom solutions from scratch, we have the expertise to deliver results.

Compliance Expertise

We have knowledge of compliance requirements in North America, ensuring that your voice communication efforts adhere to regulatory standards. From TCPA regulations and the stir/shaken framework to HIPAA compliance and many more, we ensure that your voice campaigns are legally sound and ethically responsible.

Automated Call Campaigns

Our services include setting up automated call campaigns for information distribution, complete with prerecorded messages and the ability to accept responses and trigger events. Whether you’re conducting surveys, delivering announcements, or collecting feedback, we help you streamline your communication processes and maximize efficiency.

Notification and Alert Integration

Integrate voice communication into your notification and alert logic, ensuring timely and effective communication during critical situations. Whether it’s downtime notifications, emergency updates, or accounting data distribution, we help you deliver important information to your audience when it matters most.

Complex Reporting Setup

We have extensive knowledge in setting up complex reporting, allowing you to gain deeper insights into the effectiveness of your voice campaigns. From call performance metrics and response rates to conversion tracking and customer engagement, our reporting capabilities help you make data-driven decisions and drive business success.

Ready to Elevate Your Communication Strategy?

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