Transforming AI Application Development with Azure AI Search Enhancements

Published On: May 8, 2024

More Scalability at Lower Costs

The recent announcement from Azure about significant upgrades to their AI Search capabilities marks a pivotal moment for developers and businesses leveraging generative AI technologies. Azure AI Search has notably increased its storage capacity and vector index size without raising costs, a move that promises to revolutionize retrieval augmented generation (RAG) applications. This blog post delves into how these enhancements will empower customers to scale up their AI applications more efficiently, handle larger workloads with confidence, and implement advanced search strategies to drive innovation

Azure AI Search has introduced substantial improvements that will help businesses and developers achieve greater scalability at reduced costs. The updates have brought about an eleven-fold increase in vector index size and a six-fold boost in total storage capacity. Additionally, improvements in indexing and query throughput have doubled. What does this mean for Azure users? Now, customers can effortlessly scale their generative AI applications to manage multi-billion vector indexes in a single search instance, ensuring high performance and quality user experiences without compromising on speed.

Key Enhancements Include:

  • 11x larger vector index size: Allows for handling more complex queries and larger datasets.
  • 6x more total storage: Supports an increased amount of data, enabling richer and more nuanced AI interactions.
  • 2x faster indexing and query throughput: Speeds up the retrieval process, enhancing the overall efficiency of AI applications.

Trusted Solution for Large-Scale RAG Workloads

Azure AI Search isn’t just about scale; it’s also a platform you can trust with your most critical enterprise search and generative AI applications. Over half of the Fortune 500 companies rely on Azure AI Search for their enterprise needs. High-profile users like OpenAI and KPMG have chosen Azure AI Search for its robust capabilities in managing large, complex RAG workloads. With such significant endorsements, Azure establishes itself as a reliable solution capable of supporting the demanding requirements of leading global organizations.

Advanced Search Strategies and Innovation

Beyond just handling large volumes of data, Azure AI Search enables the implementation of sophisticated search strategies that were previously unimaginable. With the introduction of features like hybrid retrieval and semantic reranking, developers can now refine how they handle queries to enhance accuracy and relevancy in results.

Practical Applications:

  • Telus Health: Leveraged Azure AI Search to improve their customer care applications by adopting a hybrid search strategy, enhancing both accuracy and responsiveness of their health plan inquiry system.
  • NIQ Brandbank: Utilized multi-vector retrieval to optimize online brand presence, improving how products perform in digital retail environments through enhanced search capabilities and semantic ranking.

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