How to make sure the provider you choose is a true “partner”?

Published On: May 12, 2022

When choosing an outsource provider, probing questions around their values, with references to back up these sentiments are as important as reviewing their abilities in actually offering the services. It’s important that the team who makes up the account managing part of the service, perfectly understands your business, your clients, and your offering. If this requirement is not met, your client will sense that the outsourced component of your offering is just that, something outside of your business with minimum effort.

Your provider should assist with this process by making sure of high-value staff retention processes. Training staff is a lot of effort, when you highlight staff that you feel are the best fit, the provider needs to ensure they remain as the true value of the workforce comes out with experience over time. Make sure the outsource provider you choose spends time in selecting the best staffing with you and sees the value in retaining experienced staff.

Long-term signs of a good partner.

As in most service industries, the age-old fault of providers of disappearing after the sale as well as the providers that gradually degrade the interaction is very much present in the BPO industry as well. It will be important for you to hold accountable the Account Managers for lackluster performance as much as the performance of the outsourced staff. Committed report back sessions could sometimes seem like a chore, but it is important to make sure these occur routinely and the information provided by your Account Managers is relevant, and that they have their finger on the pulse of the solution and how it evolves over time. Without key management functions, from the provider, monitoring your business and the solution being provided, the solution stands a good chance of going stale and once again be seen as minimum effort.

In conclusion, choosing to use business process outsourcing to expand a client and service offering, has a lot of value, but carries the responsibility of your doing comprehensive due diligence before choosing a provider and making sure they continue to put in the effort during the solution’s life cycle.

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