An exciting opportunity with ADP and Karmak

Published On: June 30, 2023

We were awarded the opportunity to integrate ADP and Karmak recently. A very exciting opportunity that our team were champing at the bit to get their hands on.

This was our first interaction with Karmak and the team was very impressed with the API, documentation and technical team they got to interact with. Karmak plays in a very specific industry, heavy trucks, but it has allowed them to truly shine in this market.

We were impressed in just how many services Karmak is offering and we are looking forward on taking on additional integration with this platform in the future.

For this integration we were required to take the time keeping data from Karmak and create records on ADPs side for payroll. A fairly straightforward sounding endeavor, but as can be expected some interesting issues showed up during the implementation phase.

There are some pretty unique rounding considerations that need to be made, which can span a few posts alone. Then not to mention the multiple logic steps that needed to be implemented to manage the user mapping requirements.

ADP is well known and considerably dominant in their industry. We were surprised at how little online resources there were and some of the documentation seemed to be outdated. They had a pretty comprehensive authentication mechanism in place as can be expected.

All’s well that end well though and in the end we were able to supply exactly what the client requested and more.

If you are looking for ADP, Karmak or really any integrations, reach out to us to see how we can assist.

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Jaco Jacobs has been involved in the Information Technology industry for more than 23 years. The founder of Grand Communication Networks and currently spearheading the expansion into the U.S.

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